How do we code 4 vertical Bitewings

How do we code 4 vertical Bitewings

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The hygienist doesn’t want to take all 7 images because patient doesn’t have enough teeth to justify taking the full 7 VBWX. Is there a way to bill just four images?

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Asked on May 3, 2022 12:59 pm

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D0274 - bitewings - four radiographic images

The vertical bitewing positioning allows an image of up to two molars to be taken, showing part of the periodontal ligaments. The horizontal bitewing positioning allows up to three molars to be viewed with one image. Report D0270 for a single film bitewing, D0272 for two bitewing films, D0273 for three bitewing films, D0274 for four bitewing films, and D0277 for vertical bitewings, seven to eight films.

On page 38 of the CDT 2022 Coding Companion, it states: "image axis may be vertical or horizontal as the orientation is not specified in the D0274 nomenclature".

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Answered on May 15, 2022 7:57 pm
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