No treatment performed office visit

No treatment performed office visit

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What is the appropriate code for a patient who presents for an appointment but had to be rescheduled since they forgot to take their premedication antibiotics? No treatment was performed.

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Asked on May 15, 2023
No charge unless you can prove they were adequately informed about the requirements then you can add a charge to their account for a no-notice appointment cancellation if you have something like that in your office policy that they agreed to, but there're no codes existing for that and nothing you can bill the insurance for, or at least nothing they'll pay for so it would be a waste of time to try.
(Anonymous at May 15, 2023)
    Which no charge CDT code would be appropriate?
    (Admin at May 15, 2023)
      D9986 or D9987 would be the ADA Codes for missed/broken appointments.
      (Anonymous at July 13, 2023)
        Agree with the D9986 or D9987 codes, the insurance will not reimburse however the EOB will state that the fee is the patient responsibility unless you are in-network and not a billable service
        (Anonymous at July 14, 2023)
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          D9986 or D9987.

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          Answered on July 13, 2023
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